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The illustrations in your book


Illustrations - you could place them in your book or not.

If the book is for children - they are required. But a beautiful illustration contributes greatly to the pleasure of reading of almost every kind of literature.


Borko is an image from the pages of the journal "Contacts" in the period April 2004 - December 2006. He appears with the spirit and mood of the so-called "transition" after November 10, 1989 - time of changes, new hopes and expectations for the future of democratic Bulgaria. Borko is the typical for this time Bulgarian scientist - poor, but happy to deal with his vocation and enjoying that his dear fatherland is being associated to the rest of the world - the European Union, NATO, Schengen ...

He stops appearing playfully, when the magazine obtains its current format. He gives place to other illustrations, mainly for poems by various authors. 


If you are unsure whether your book will be better with illustrations or not - contact us!