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CONTACTS.  Journal of the Interdisciplinary Civic Academy, Sofia


Published by Publ. House TEMTO, Sofia, since 2001; ISSN 1311-7939

The Journal CONTACTS is the organ and edition of the Interdisciplinary Civic Academy (ICA) Sofia, published quarterly.

Original research work in the form of papers, short communications, reviews and current information related to the problems of the interdisciplinary sciences and the civil society are published.

Following topics are in the scope of the journal:

  • Tribology as interdisciplinary science;
  • Civil doctrine of the development of science, techniques and education;
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge and civil awareness;
  • The model example in the aspect of the civil doctrine.

Science-technological session CONTACT, Proceedings


Published by Publ. House TEMTO, Sofia, ISSN 1313-9134.

The Proceedings are an edition of the Interdisciplinary Civic Academy (ICA) Sofia, the Union of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Bulgarian Tribologists.

Published twice a year includes reports from two sessions of ICA - the summer session, entitled Civil idea into actionand the autumn one - The interdisciplinary idea into action. Publishes original articles from various fields of science. 

Editors of the Proceedings - Prof. Nyagol Manolov, D.Sc.; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margarita Daneva; Prof. Teodor Popov


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